Grades are given by combining “effectiveness,” “stickiness” and overall “entertainment.”



Hyundai Sonata “Smaht Pahk” = A


Jeep Gladiator “Groundhog day” = A


Google “Remembering Loretta” = A


Bud Light Seltzer “Post Malone’s Brain” = A


Budweiser “Typical Americans” = A


Alexa – “Before Alexa” = A


Tide “Laundry Later” = A


Reese’s Take 5 “Under a Rock” = A-


Dashlane “Password Paradise” = A-


Snickers “Feeding the World” = A-






Hulu “Tom Brady” = A-

Toyota Highlander “Cobie Smoulders Heroes” = A-

SodaStream “Water on Mars” = A-

Turbo Tax “All People are Tax People” = A-

P&G “Chili Mess/When We Come Together” = A-



Facebook “Rock Groups” = B+

Cheetohs “Can’t Touch This” = B+

Doritos “Dance Showdown” = B+

Michelob Ultra “6 for 6-Pack” = B+

Little Caesars “Sliced Bread” = B+

Rocket Mortgage “Jason Momoa at Home” = B+

MS Surface “Woman Coach Katie Sowers” = B+

Porsche “Heist” = B+

Michelob Ultra “Jimmy Fallon and Jon Cena” = B

WalMart Pickup “Aliens” = B

Hummer EV “LeBron James Silent Power” = B

Quibi “Bank Robbery” = B-

Walmart “United Towns” = B-

Heinz “Four Screens” = B-

Verizon 5G “What 5G Won’t Change” = B-



Pretzel Pop Tarts “Van Ness Fixed the Pretzel” = C+

Cadillac “Young Luxury” = C

Saint Archer Gold “Patience” = C

Squarespace “Winona in Winona” = C

LightLife Vegan Burger “Honesty with Dax and Kristen” = C

Audi “Let it go” = C

New York Life “Agape Love” = C-

Pringles “Rick & Morty” = C-

Olay “Space for Women” = C-

Coke Energy “Scorsese and Jonah Hill” = C-

T-Mobile – “Anthony Anderson Mama Tests” = C-

Kia Sletos “Josh Jacobs – Tough Never Quits” = C-

Pepsi “Paint it black” = C-

Avacodo “Shopping Network” = C-

Straight Talk “Piggy Back” = C-

Under Armor “The Only Way is Through” = C-



Sabra Hummus “How Do You Mmus?” = D+

Oikos Protein “Bubble Butt” = D+

Discover Card “Yes/No – Movie Clips” = D+

Mountain Dew “The Shining” = D+

Hard Rock Hotel “Lopez Heist” = D



ADT “Property Brothers” = F

Planters Peanuts “Mr. Peanut Funeral” = F


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